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“It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work. Faith is mighty, but action with faith is mightier.”

-Thomas Robert Gaines



Regena Bryant is the author of four contemporary women’s fiction novels and one novella.

In 2004 Regena Bryant made a pact with her nephew, “…if you give me a college degree, I’ll write a book.”

My Titles

Looking for a womens fiction book with emphasis on faith and romance?

Reader Reviews

“I’ve always enjoyed Regena’s books and this one didn’t let me down. If you like romance with a little history lesson. Follow this author.”

-Zina R.

This was the most enjoyable read. The characters were so different yet so much alike. The story flowed and the hiccup in the romance was handle very well.

-Judy J.

“A sweet story of loss and love found. Believable characters and makes me wish I could sew!”

-Mary B.

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Grace Changes Everything

A misfit minister, a questioning chemist and one simple truth…

Love’s remnant

Will their chance at love end up on the cutting room floor?

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